Happy Christmas Everyone

Wishing you all a very happy christmas & many thanks for comments & support throughout the year, also for christmas cards sent to me.

I've managed to get my outside tree up at last & just finished wrapping, it isn't half sore on the old knees.
I've added a pic of finished bathroom & some socks for my son I managed to finish in time.
Have a lovely christmas

Ann x


Son's new job

As I said earlier my son has started a new career, this is him in his new uniform.

Last two cards

Hi all, sorry I've been missing for a while but lots going on as well as christmas, I finished my nail course & passed the exam, bathroom is just finished as there were one or two problems to be fixed, my son started a new job & unfortunately we had two bereavements recently, so lots of things put on hold, today thankfully got all the presents delivered & finished my cards, just one more holly wreath to do, these were held up due to the awful weather we've been having.
These are very similar, well almost the same, for two babies.

On to the last cards for this year:

I've used FF papers & paper pierced the bauble as I just can't get it to colour well.
Bella on bauble stamp is coloured with promarkers & seam binding  to trim.

I hope you are all organised & have a lovely Christmas
Ann x


New bathroom in progress

Ill be spending lots of time away from home, every room is chaos, I'm in the process of having a new bath/shower room, & because I changed my mind half way through, the tiler had to postpone me for another week, at least I have my floor down & one wet wall & a working shower, but no door,toilet or H/W basin, I wish I'd thought to take a pic of the original bathroom, never mind it's gone now.

Some pics of the progress, the white tiles don't show very well they are basket weave, & I should have them fitted next week (pic is from showroom)
TFL Ann x


I got this stamp at the secc & wasn't sure if I'd manage all the little bits but with a lot of patience this is my first proper colouring for 6months, it's for my friend Allison's birthday on the 30th, we are going to see Calendar Girls then, I hope it's just as good as the London show, there's a good cast so it should be OK.

Here is the card;
I've used promarkers, they are the new softer shades
Spellbinders Lacy Ovals
Roses from WOC
Buttons were a free gift don't remember where from, but they were perfect.
MS leaf punch
crystal stems HC
Basic Grey DP
I feel at least I've made a half decent card, first for a long time, hope it continues as I have lots of Christmas stuff piling up, I now just need to find the time!
Have a great weekend
Ann x
I've entered this for LOTV challenge, my first entry for a very long time


some christmas "cards"

I'm making a selection of hanging cards for close family as they are quite heavy & won't need posting, just thought it would be something a bit different.
Here's a selection of some finished, I'm going to make all different colours to suit each person, well that's the plan.
Thanks for looking & coming to visit.
Ann x


simple card

This is from the new SU stamps & dies
Sorry about the side ways view

Thanks for visiting
Ann x

Birthday card

This is one of the dreaded male cards, he's buying a yacht, so thought this would be ok.

Much improved though could be better

An improvement, after five hours tidying up
Ann x

Total Shambles

I've been so busy things have gotten totally out of control, this I'm ashamed to say is my dumping ground, or what used to be my craft room,

Christmas decoration

This is on the new SU winter catalogue, made this in a class yesterday, I can see it in a few colour combos, watch this space.
Ann x

Origami boxes

I saw a demo of these & now can't stop making them, a great use for all these unused papers,
trouble is I now have so many & not as easy to store as the papers!
This is a small selection.
Ann x

French..... improving

This is my third attempt at french style gel nails, a big improvement, hardest part is getting the smile line right ( that's the white part), next module is sculptures, that should be fun!
Anyone want to volunteer as a guinea pig?
I've actually found some time to make a few simple cards, one of my fingers is still not co-operating with colouring, so I'm mostly using dies at the moment.
Thank you for visiting this till now abandoned blog.
Ann x 


Something different

Hi All, sorry I've been missing for a while... again, I've started a Nail Technicians course. The girl who does my nails is moving away & I thought I might as well give it a try, nothing ventured.
I've had a few disasters but was quite pleased with todays effort, they are clear tips with sparkle on the smile line, so thought I'd be brave & post a picture, my neice was todays guinea pig.
Any comments much appreciated,
Ann x


Hi All

Thans so much for your comments, you may not believe this but I'm not really accident prone, just been a bit careless, the scary thing was I was alone, face down & couldn't move, I have back problems  & was a bit scared, neighbours away on holiday & Chris is in Ireland, so no you've been framed, thank goodness.
I'm back to reading & just finished the Steig Larson set, really enjoyed them, now on to a new Swedish author Mons Kallentoft, I've also read some Jo Nesbo & Peter James, you can tell I like thrillers.
I've downloaded THAT book, but not sure if I'll bother with it, not really my taste, I've heard it's a bit Mills & Boone.
Hopefully I'll get back into crafting soon.
I did go to the Barbara Grey demo last week, so still thinking crafty thought LOL
Take care & enjoy the ev ening.
Ann x



Sorry I've been missing, I've had another nasty fall & sprained my right wrist, wrist arm & shoulder are very painfull. I made another spectacular leap over the washing  basket in the garden & landed hard on my wrist & shoulder, i was kind of hoping it would fix my finger, but no chance, it's still very painfull & I'm being referred back for surgery, at least nothing too drastic this time.
Honestly I'm really not accident prone.
Take care & enjoy the weekend.
Ann x


Picture of son with goddaughter

Note to son...
Chris! she's not a bomb!

Another flowery card

This was for an old lady & they've actually framed the card, so she must have liked it.
As these cards involve no colouring I'm finding them quite easy to make, so a big plus.
Thanks for looking
Take care
Ann x

Knitting for same baby

This set would normally take me a few evenings but it took three months, it was helpful physio for my hand, getting better every day. it was knitted in 4ply, so well pleased with myself, good thing she was a small baby & I made a bigger size LOL.
Take care
Ann x

Baby Card

I saw the image on Nic's blog & loved it, my first attemp at colouring in months, the large trunk was a bit tricky.
Apologies for the reflections.
Ann x

Problems with computer hacking

Warning of blog hacking, my password was changed & having not been using laptop wasn't aware of this.
I've tried to get comment enabler back on but having problemsadding it , I know this is not popular but feel I need to have some security at the moment, also I've not been crafting at the moment due to painful fingers.


Recycled PB Challenge

Hi, I hope you are  all enjoying the lovely sunshine, I have been trying to catch some of it in between lots of appointments & waiting for repair men who don't turn up!!, I am not amused, I had to go to the launderette as a week of no machine was impossible, I counted 26 towels , never mind all the rest which amounted to 6 loads, enough of my dirty washing.
Another delightful encounter was the physio,  I just about had to be scraped of the ceiling, it was pure torture, still if I get my hand working it'll be worth it,  they're still talking possible surgery  & I have a smaller splint but still not able to colour but can work with thumb & forefinger.

I have at last managed something for the PB challenge my first in 10weeks.
The challenge is to recycle,
 I rescued the pink glitter card from the pile ready for the bin & put it through an SU embossing folder, & spellbinder die
Image is PB Cheerfull stamped on  a scrap of patterned paper & decoupaged
Bow was on an easter . package
Green gems
Enjoy the weekend,
Ann x


My first card for a while, after the success of the scrapbook page a friend asked me to make a card for an aunt, all flowers ,so here it is, a totally different style for me, she was pleased with it, so that,s what matters.

All the flowers are from WOC, leaves MS punch, embossing folder & Spellbinders dies.

I'm back at physio tomorrow, so will see what happens, I'm still having a lot of pain, but some of the swelling has gone down, so that's a plus.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow
Take care
Ann x

My son's Goddaughter

This is my first crafting effort since my accident, it's taken around two weeks, I'm having it framed as a christening present.
I'm quite please at how well it's turned out as I'm quite restricted & only using thumb & forefingers, all the flowers are hand made, also my first attemp at making roses.
All materials are Stampin up, escept the letters which are Hero Arts.
Thanks for all your good wishes, I really appreciate them.
Take care
Ann x


Hello Again

Hi all, If you remember me that is, been missing for a while.
I'm still having major probs with my finger & going for physio, also wearing a compression to try & get the swelling down, surgery still isn't quite off the agenda, just wish it would get better.
I'm looking very posh with my finger stuck in the air, even though it has a spring support clamped over it, this makes any colouring impossible, writing too with difficulty.

I actually have managed to make a couple of things, so will post tomorrow, totally different for me as there's no coloured images.

Hope the weather improves soon it's like winter here, even though yesterday was actually like summer, Ah well, would,nt it be boring if every day was the same.
Take care ,
Ann x



I hope you all had a nice easter break & enjoying some nice April showers!! we had a lightening storm today with hail, sun & rain, freezing cold then warm sunshine all the seasons within minutes, it can only happen here!

I'm still having trouble with my fingers , I now have an infection & feel they constantly have boiling water being poured over them, so not really much in the mood of anything, I'm now on mega bugbuster antib's only started them yesterday & can feel improvement already, still unable to write as I can't close my hand, hopefully thes tablets will sort me out.

I'm still enjoying reading, thank goodness for good books, & long walks they've saved from completely going mad, my latest recommended read is Anna Smith "The Dead Won't Sleep" another great page turner.

TTFN Off to bed for an early night, I'm sleeping for Scotland just now.
Take care
Ann x



Update on my injuries aren't as good as I hoped, my right hand & especially my pinkie & ring finger are just flopping about. I've had the support taken off but will prob need surgery to straighten them, but no guarantees, I have to wait another three weeks to see if I can get them moving, still can't make a fist.
On the brighter side I've been out in the glorious sunshine reading, just finished a Jo Nesbo "The Devils Star", couldn't put it down, for lovers of detective stories & thrillers, highly recommended.
Totally different theme I'm now off to start "Call the Midwife", also just bought "The Help".
any other recommendations welcome.
I'm booked in to a SU workshop in 4weeks so really looking forward to that, just hope I can do more than watch.
Happy weekend & hope the sun stays shinning
Ann x


Manicure done

Well she came, took one look at my still very obvious black eye, asked what on earth I'd done & still it didn't dawn, well eventually her face just dropped, when she noticed both arms damaged.
We had a bit of a laugh at the "broken  nail text", my nails are now looking really pretty with a french manicure & no screams in the process.
I'm sorry but I can only manage a wee while on here as my fingers get really sore & tired, hopefully another week should at least let me try some crafting, I've got a pile of books which are keeping me from being bored.
Take care Ann x



Hi all, sorry I've not managed on for a while, my hands have been quite painful, but easing a bit now & good news I had my cast off & now have a removable splint, right fingers still a bit swollen though. still can't manage crafting or even writing, I have a big house elf called Chris doing the housework, so being very spoiled.

On the funny side, I'm due for a manicure tomorrow & decided to go ahead with it as my nails are getting a bit too long, Emma comes to the house & I have gel nails, anyhow sent her a message about broken fingers to pre-warn her........ message returned , "That's OK, we'll manage to fix them tomorrow". can't waite to see her face, I assume she thinks my nails are broken LOL. will let you know tomorrow!

Another nice bit of news, I have a new great niece Xanthe Niamh she has lots of black hair will add a pic tomorrow along with blanket & card I thankfully had already finished.
Take care
Ann x


No Crafting for a While

Hi all, hope you're having a better day than me!
Just spent the morning in A&E I fell on the way to the bus, I was going to Glagow to the SECC & tripped over a paving stone.
I now have two broken fingers R. hand & a plaster on L. arm, a black eye & a skinned knee, so looks like I won't be doing anything for a while, can just about manage to turn pages of a book.
Plus side, won't be doing any housework, good thing  my son's well trained, his comment, the lengths you'll go to get out og doing the ironing!!

Hope you all have a good weekend & think of me if your going to the SECC.
A wee plus side is I'm going to a SU workshop on Saturday, at least I'll be able to watch & I'm sure spend a little bit too.
Take care
Ann x


PBSC Sketch

I think this is just about the quickest card I've ever made, it all just fell together & I quite like it.
This is the first time I've used this stamp although I've had it for a while, completely forgot I had it.
I couldn't sleep last night & started counting PB's I do have a lot of them & more than a few never been used.

This is for PBSC- sketch
PB Image Bee Costume coloured with promarkers
DP are K&Co
Prima flowers Ribbon
MS leaf punch
Vellum cut with spellbinders circle.

Many thanks for visiting & for any comments,
Always appreciated
Ann x


Just Magnolia - Doily

Hi, I haven't done a challenge for a while, been knitting as we had another premature baby arrive, they all seem to be in such a hurry these days, anyhow been busy making some tiny stuff, also had a horrid cold with a head like cotontwool, so it suited me fine not to have think too much.

Another thing is my son has monopolised the computer, he's been on holiday, so not had any chance to come on.

On to my card
I've use a Hanglar image coloured with promarkers
DP been around for ages
Spellbinders doily shape,
Bazzil card
Silver ribbon & flowers from stash

Will try to get around to some blog visiting later, off to make the tea
Ann x

Just Magnolia Challenge


Knitting like fury

Still no time for cards, have to finish bolero before Tuesday,so far done back & two fronts so can see the light, will crack on while watching DOI.
Finished my book Kay, thanks for asking, have to read Dawn French biog before Friday & have another Linwood Barclay waiting, I've absolutely loved all of his books, Never Look Away is next on the list.
I'm starting a new class tomorrow, Patchwork, like I need a new hobby, but always quite fancied having a try, so tomorrow another mega busy day, how I wish I could afford a housekeeper, will try to find time to give the duster & hoover a whizz round.
Have a nice evening before the dreaded early Monday rise.
Ann x


Hi All

Nothing to post, just saying hello
been busy with quick christmas cards, finishing baby knitting & new baby card, I posted them yesterday & clean forgot to take a picture of them, to be honest I was fed up looking at the all in one baby suit with bear ears ( which I had to go buy another ball of wool, just for one ear) I was glad to see it in the post.
Just another baby bolero to do before Wednesday, but the problem is I'm reading a really good book, almost finished it, another Linwood Barclay- Too Close to Home, highly recommend his books & can't put it down, I can see me up all night knitting.
Off to finish my book
enjoy the rest of the weekend
Ann x


Special Edition Tilda :Blog Candy...WINNER

Thanks to all who entered & I hope you all had a nice Valentines day & were well pampered.
I hope you managed to post a Valentine on the Heart Foundation window.

The winning name picked out by my son is
                                                NG Cards
I'll get her sent out to you when you send me your details

Ann x


Garden Treats PB CASE Challenge

Hi all, a challenge card today for my fav challenge PBSC.
I've used my new stamp Garden Treats, we are keen gardeners & we are kept amused by the antics of a ginger kitten leaping about the allotment, not exactly cat lovers as we are both allergic, but we do get a lot of laughs with it, not so sure about when it gets bigger though!!

On to the card
Image Penny Black coloured with promarkers
Layout (sort of) PBSC
Sizzix die
MB Cloud die
EK success retro flower
Pearls Cuddly Buddly sentiment

Many thanks for visiting & for any comments.
Happy weekend Ann x
OOPS Just noticed I haven't coloured in the earth bit under his feet!


Baby Card

Hello all, I've been missing again, just not had any inspiration for card making, been reading & knitting, as well as going to the gym & it's dark when I get to sit & relax so not good for colouring.
I was asked to make a card for someone leaving to have a baby, so after lots of messing about & nothing working, I even sent for a new stamp, but in the end didn't use it.

Anyhow this is what I came up with

Magnolia sleeping baby Tilda
marianne die
MS butterfly punch
Seam binding
Sizzix alphabet dies
White embossed pearlescent card

I've entered this in Just Magnolia challenge Anything Goes option of a Valentine, but no one to send one of these to.
Many thanks for looking & for any comments, please have a look at my Special Magnolia blog candy, available till 14th Valentines day.
Ann x


Flowers Frenzy PBSC

A very quick simple card, I had a manicure today & struggling to feel, pick up & take backing off dst, just about got the hang of using tweezers for this, I do love my new nails though.
I've used a stamp I had ready for last weeks challenge which didn't get done, craft room is still a no go area at the moment.
I love fushias too, I have lots of different types in my garden

PB Prince of Orange stamped all over background
Image stamped & coloured with SU inks
Seam binding
Pearlescent card

Many thanks for looking & please have a look at my blog candy
happy weekend
Ann x
Challenge PBSC


Special Edition Tilda :Blog Candy

Hello all,
I have this Special Edition Tilda Holding Hearts up for February Blog Candy.
I hope you can see her, I didn't want to use the stamp to add an image.
As some people know I support The British Heart Foundation & as February is RED HEART MONTH I thought this stamp would be appropriate.
It will be 21 years this month since I lost my husband to a heart attack, just as Tilda is taking care of the hearts she is holding, you can also help, by just putting a little heart message on the Heart Foundation shop window for £1 you can help look after hearts too.

I've tried to add mr linky but I'm not too good with gadgets so I'll just do a draw the old fashioned way........ get someone to pick a name from a hat.

This is open to UK ONLY I will do the draw on the 14th Feb, St Valentines Day the last card he ever gave me.
(believe me he was not a romantic & it was unusual to get one)
Please help support The BHF
Ann x

To enter just add a comment & mention this on your blog, if you can please add a message to a loved one on the BHF window.


Quick Birthday Card

One of those cards you know you have to make but not a clue what to do.
After searching around this just popped up & Hello Sarah, an image which just suits the person, she is tiny, fiesty, huffy always changing her haircolour & sporty, she also is a cheerleader hence the ribbons.
Hope she liked it.
Ann x

Baby Bolero

Some more knitting
Ann x

Stampin up workshop

I've been taking a break from cards & my blog just now, no inspiration, prob after christmas overload, also between decorating & having a major clear out, not much time, my craftroom is still like a bomb site, piles of stuff all over the floor ready for the school.
I went to a SU workshop & made a calendar, so something a wee bit different, really enjoyed it, uploaded some pics.
I've also been knitting & enjoying it a lot, new baby due February & my niece wanted a wee bolero for her daughter, she'll be one Feb, so a pic of that too.

I will have a little blog candy in Feb too, so keep an eye out.


Some Knitting- just for a change

Jacket & hat for great niece

New Bedroom

Almost finished just to adjust the curtains once they settle down, now I have to clearout the craft room as everything was just dumped in there, then maybe I'll have some craft time.
A wee respite I'm going to a SU workshop tomorrow so will hopefully have something to post.
I have done a bit of knitting, just for a change, for grt niece's first birthday & about to start some for new grewat niece/nephew due next month.
Hope you are all having a good weekend

Ann x


Why do we do these things.

I was just laughing at Nics post about the cleaning frenzy.

Well ,remember the tag for the PB challenge,I stuck it to  Emily's present & drove down with it yesterday.
No one at home, except a painter was posting the keys, Oh no where was I going to leave the present, seconds earlier I could've left it inside, left it tied to the back door in the end.
Any how we got chatting & he'd just done Emily's bedroom & she was to have new furniture as well for her birthday.
Well I thought isn't that a good idea,(I've just had a birthday) so the painter ended up following me home to measure the bedroom & he's coming to paint on Monday.
Guess what I'll be doing, having a good clear out & moving furniture... also my craft room is the boxroom off my bedroom so it will be access denied.
I might manage something at the weekend, if I have everything done.
Enjoy your weekend.
Ann x


Tea & Cake

A Tag for the PBSC, I kept it very simple, basically because all my craft stuff has been put away & my craftroom is like a bomb site, desparately in need  a sort out. This will be used for my great niece's birthday, she will be 9 on Thursday.

PB Sweet Thing coloured with promarkers
Sizzix alphabet
Tea House DP
Glossy Accents

I hope everyone has recovered from all the festivities, tomorrow everything returns to normal, I must say I kinda like normal, any longer & ill be a contender for the roly poly's.
Ann x


Birthday Cards

Just popping on to say Thank You, to my blogging friends for the terrific birthday cards received, will add a pic later, as I know some are still on their way.
Happy New Year to All