Sorry I've been missing, I've had another nasty fall & sprained my right wrist, wrist arm & shoulder are very painfull. I made another spectacular leap over the washing  basket in the garden & landed hard on my wrist & shoulder, i was kind of hoping it would fix my finger, but no chance, it's still very painfull & I'm being referred back for surgery, at least nothing too drastic this time.
Honestly I'm really not accident prone.
Take care & enjoy the weekend.
Ann x


Aunty Sue said...

oh ann hope it heals quickly what are you like. is chris filmimg for you've been framed. hugs se xx

Fluffles said...

Oh Ann, I was just thinking about you the other day, thinking that you must be better soon! I can't believe it, another fall, & surgery again for the first one - this is not good! Hope you are managing to find something to do to occupy your time since crafting will not be high on the agenda. Olympic fan I hope? Anyway take care & keep us posted, Jx

PS In case you didn't know, you now have word verification on so you can pass an hour or 2 working out how to switch it off!!!

Whisper said...

Oh bless you, you really are having a rough time at the moment, i do hope things improve very soon for you, thinking of you, Luv Sam x

coops said...

oh no ann.what are you like.i do hope you are feeling better soon.

xx coops xx

Sandra H said...

Oh hope your not in too much pain, xx

kay said...

oh dear ann,reckon we should be wrapping you in bubble wrap,get well soon,x