Hello Again

Hi all, If you remember me that is, been missing for a while.
I'm still having major probs with my finger & going for physio, also wearing a compression to try & get the swelling down, surgery still isn't quite off the agenda, just wish it would get better.
I'm looking very posh with my finger stuck in the air, even though it has a spring support clamped over it, this makes any colouring impossible, writing too with difficulty.

I actually have managed to make a couple of things, so will post tomorrow, totally different for me as there's no coloured images.

Hope the weather improves soon it's like winter here, even though yesterday was actually like summer, Ah well, would,nt it be boring if every day was the same.
Take care ,
Ann x


Aunty Sue said...

Hi Ann sorry to hear the finger is no better hope they soon sort it. It has been a lovely weekend here so no crafting here either but the weather seems to be changing this evening even had a bit of rain so maybe a little tomorrow. Look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Take care hugs Sue xx

Fluffles said...

Poor Ann, this is taking forever! Please get better soon, blog land isn't the same with out you!

Interested to see what you've been making though if one hand is almost out of action! Take care, Jx

Whisper said...

Oh you poor thing hun, i hope things improve for you.

I'm feeling stiff as a board today, as Alan and I spent 3 hours cleaning out the conservatory !!!, I'm off to see the consultant again in 10 days, Luv Sam x