Hi all, sorry I've not managed on for a while, my hands have been quite painful, but easing a bit now & good news I had my cast off & now have a removable splint, right fingers still a bit swollen though. still can't manage crafting or even writing, I have a big house elf called Chris doing the housework, so being very spoiled.

On the funny side, I'm due for a manicure tomorrow & decided to go ahead with it as my nails are getting a bit too long, Emma comes to the house & I have gel nails, anyhow sent her a message about broken fingers to pre-warn her........ message returned , "That's OK, we'll manage to fix them tomorrow". can't waite to see her face, I assume she thinks my nails are broken LOL. will let you know tomorrow!

Another nice bit of news, I have a new great niece Xanthe Niamh she has lots of black hair will add a pic tomorrow along with blanket & card I thankfully had already finished.
Take care
Ann x


Bea said...

hi glad to hear you are making progress - look forward to hearing about the magic manicurist fixing you up lol!

Sandra H said...

Oh congratulations on the new arrival Anne, and please keep up updated with your recovery and l wish l was a fly on the wall when your lady arrives to do your manicure ......lol take care and a speedy recovery:) xx