Why do we do these things.

I was just laughing at Nics post about the cleaning frenzy.

Well ,remember the tag for the PB challenge,I stuck it to  Emily's present & drove down with it yesterday.
No one at home, except a painter was posting the keys, Oh no where was I going to leave the present, seconds earlier I could've left it inside, left it tied to the back door in the end.
Any how we got chatting & he'd just done Emily's bedroom & she was to have new furniture as well for her birthday.
Well I thought isn't that a good idea,(I've just had a birthday) so the painter ended up following me home to measure the bedroom & he's coming to paint on Monday.
Guess what I'll be doing, having a good clear out & moving furniture... also my craft room is the boxroom off my bedroom so it will be access denied.
I might manage something at the weekend, if I have everything done.
Enjoy your weekend.
Ann x

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coops said...

good luck with all the moving and rearranging ann.it will be worth it when its finished ;D

xx coops xx