Hi All

Thans so much for your comments, you may not believe this but I'm not really accident prone, just been a bit careless, the scary thing was I was alone, face down & couldn't move, I have back problems  & was a bit scared, neighbours away on holiday & Chris is in Ireland, so no you've been framed, thank goodness.
I'm back to reading & just finished the Steig Larson set, really enjoyed them, now on to a new Swedish author Mons Kallentoft, I've also read some Jo Nesbo & Peter James, you can tell I like thrillers.
I've downloaded THAT book, but not sure if I'll bother with it, not really my taste, I've heard it's a bit Mills & Boone.
Hopefully I'll get back into crafting soon.
I did go to the Barbara Grey demo last week, so still thinking crafty thought LOL
Take care & enjoy the ev ening.
Ann x



Sorry I've been missing, I've had another nasty fall & sprained my right wrist, wrist arm & shoulder are very painfull. I made another spectacular leap over the washing  basket in the garden & landed hard on my wrist & shoulder, i was kind of hoping it would fix my finger, but no chance, it's still very painfull & I'm being referred back for surgery, at least nothing too drastic this time.
Honestly I'm really not accident prone.
Take care & enjoy the weekend.
Ann x