Manicure done

Well she came, took one look at my still very obvious black eye, asked what on earth I'd done & still it didn't dawn, well eventually her face just dropped, when she noticed both arms damaged.
We had a bit of a laugh at the "broken  nail text", my nails are now looking really pretty with a french manicure & no screams in the process.
I'm sorry but I can only manage a wee while on here as my fingers get really sore & tired, hopefully another week should at least let me try some crafting, I've got a pile of books which are keeping me from being bored.
Take care Ann x


Sandra H said...

Hi Anne, thank you for the update and nice to know your nails are once again looking good take care:) x

Fluffles said...

Poor Ann! bet your manicure made you feel better though. However I'm sure the fact that you can't card, knit or garden, in this fab weather must be driving you mad! On the topic of books, have you read the Linwood Barclay ones - really love them & I recommend them if you haven't. Currently I'm reading The Hunger Games - the one that's at the cinema just now, also good, but not as good as my first choices! Take care, Jx

Whisper said...

Oh bless you hun, at least your nails are looking stunning now !!, thinking of you, Luv Sam x

Bea said...

mis communication can be very amusing but glad to hear you have nice nails again