More Snowman Dogs

I'm now on number four, these are for Ava-Jayne, Sophie & Ruby who all have a birthday next week,
They are to be 4,1 & 2 I hope they like them,  just 2 more to go.
I'm now working on cards for them, so maybe I'll have something to post over the weekend.
Ann x

lots of snow yesterday

Hi, we had a mad snowy day yesterday, left home at 9 for hospital appointment & got back at 4, nightmare for travelling, buses all late but at least I got back in one piece although a bit cold & wet, as our weather is so wonderful today it's mostly gone & sun shining nice & bright most of today & really quite warm & of course I was all wrapped up in boots & scarf, typical .
I suppose it's a plus that it's now raining, just to finish off the day.
Picture has an addid reflection of some daffies, didn't realise they were there till I uploaded.
Hope you had a nice Valentines
Ann x


Snowman's Dog

Hi, not been making cards just now, I have 5 wee ones with birthdays this month & I'm making them all one of these dogs, so really busy knitting & stuffing, I've finished 2 so far, so nearly half way,
hope you are all surviving the cold weather, excellant for staying home & doing what we love best.
Take care
Ann x