Knitting Kilt hose

I've been doing these while I've been ill & found it very relaxing, not knitted for a while & promised my son ages ago I'd make him some. (I did finish the pair, but the pic is better with one sock.
If anyone has another pattern for Aran sock's I'd love a copy, I have lots of wool left over but finding a pattern is near impossible, I don't really want a plain knit as I much prefer patterns.
So please if anyone has such a thing hiding in the loft, please think of me.

Take care Ann x


Fluffles said...

Well done Ann - not that much of a knitter, but I recognise a good job when it's done. Will ask about for a pattern for you - I'm guessing you've tried googling it - if not you might just find a link there, Jx

Mina said...

wow knitting too you talented woman, these are fabulous abd look so warm and comfy
Mina xxx