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I've tried to leave several comments, but they're just not working & I'm anonymous too, so sorry, I think Mr Blogger is playing up again.

are you all safe & sound after all the storms? at the moment we have half a tree in the garden & shed is blown over, all my poor veggie plants are in bits, but at least nothing that can't be sorted.
My friends managed a full colour pic in the paper, tree landed right across her car (her tree), there's hardly anyone not been affected, tree down all over the place, one even crushed two cars, chimney pots & other debris lying all over the place, strangely though (fingers crossed) our greenhouse is ok & we're ight on top of a hill wierd, we also have huge scottish pines at the back of the house & really scary seeing them swaying about, didn't get much sleep last night worried they'd come through the house.
everything seems to be a wee bit calmer so off for an early night
Take care & sleep tight
Ann x

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Fluffles said...

It was wild wasn't it Ann. Glad you didn't have too much damage. Jx