Remembering Gordon & Mrs Stewart

Well We've had a very upsetting weekend,my son's friend was killed on Friday during a training excercise close to home. He was a veteran of Kosavo & Iraq & we're all devastated, my son's been in pieces all weekend.
Gordon was a lovely person well mannered & always had a cheeky grin which is how I will remember him..

Also his piping teacher died on Saturday, she was a grand old lady of 93 ( she taught him when she was 70 & he's been asked to do a solo at the funeral.

Chris also had to play in a competition on Saturday & collected the prize in their memory. I don't know how he kept it together, they came away with a 3rd & a 4th so not too bad as they have just moved up to grade 2.If any one wants a listen it's here...



Aunty Sue said...

Oh anne so sorry to be reading this and what a tragedy such a lovely looking lad and good that you will remeber his good points..Will be thinking of you both and well done chris on 3rd and 4th.

kay said...

hi ann,sending hugs to you and your son,am sure he is comforted knowing you are there for him,x
had a listen and they sound fab so well done to them,x

Whisper said...

Thinking of you and your son at this time, Luv Sam x

Janette said...

Thought this was a dreadfully sad one,hate it when someone so young and full of life passes...sad loss.xx

Mina said...

oh what devastating news for your Son, its amazing he did so well in the competition, you must be very proud of him
Mina xxx